RIBA Education Yearbook

Published 2010, by RIBA

“My final year diploma project The D*Haus was very well received. Interest was expressed by a Swedish manufacturer who wanted to build a prototype but unfortunately they were unable to proceed because of the unfavorable economic climate.

The D*Haus concept exploits a mathematical formula proposed by Henry Ernest Dudeney that allows a perfect square to transform into a perfect equilateral triangle. This transformation can generate exciting and intriguing architectural and design possibilities. The formula can be applied across all aspects of design from a complete, progressively designed building to attractive and versatile household items.

The RIBA Host Practice scheme has allowed me to work with Child Graddon Lewis Architects and further develop the idea. They have supported me with everything from advice and encouragement to arranging meetings with structural and service engineers as well as allowing me to experience working in an office environment.

The host practice scheme really has put back a lot of faith I once had in architecture, and I can now see the architectural finish line in sight”