Delighted to have made onto the Longlist of the Old Street Round About Competition, Some big names on the list like Zaha Hadid, AHMM, Coffey and Hawkins Brown.

‘’Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.’’
William Shakespeare,

What a challenge it’s been to dissect the proposed Old Street Roundabout; the contrasting shapes
and program mean that it is a very complex piece of public space.
Our first move has been to remove the 2 flying arches that hold the advertising screens and
replace these with a supporting structure that adds a giant new Green Wall/Lung so that the TV
screens and the greenery becomes a piece of public art itself. Screening films, adverts and other
digital arts and shows.
The screens themselves becomes a giant piece of art rather than just a motorway billboard as it
currently feels. We felt that the current flying metal structure is more suited next to a motorway or
dual carriageway, not the pedestrian friendly environment that is envisaged. This was one of the
core movements toward changing the feel of this historic roundabout.
To link this new piece of public art/digital screens to the site, we created a giant floating platform
that merges the proposed stadium seating above the tube entrance with the clerestory roof above
the station.
This new platform creates a completely new green space to view the screens from a different
perspective whilst being high up away from the roads and busy traffic.
The final move to tie everything together was directly inspired by the historical importance and
hedonistic atmosphere of Old Street and Shoreditch beyond. What are historic hedonistic meeting
places? We thought one place that stands out above them all is Stonehenge and its stone circle.
We propose to create a Stone Circle around the Tube entrance that links the digital art screens
with the green platform, and thus creates a natural yet historic place to meet, ‘’I’ll meet you by
the stones’’
We would like to reference Stonehenge in some of its sizes and landscape design, but we
also could do this in a contemporary way or even make the stones digital and interactive with
lights inside or screens, there are many possibilities for this concept and we are just scratching
the surface with this experiment, for the purposes of the visuals, we have simply copied the
Stonehenge stones.
The stone circle would not just naturally signify the meeting place but become a defensive ring
around the tube entrance against bad driving or other hazards, We feel strongly about the Ancient
typology offset with this pure modern backdrop of the floating white platform with as much
greenery as possible so that the new piece of public space acts as a green lung and people on their
lunch break can now descend to this former roundabout and have lunch on the grass.