“D*Haus launch the dynamic D*Table and D*Light D*Light shortlisted for a Blueprint Award at 100% Design!

Inspired by Henry Ernest Dudeney’s discovery in 1908 of how a perfect square can evolve into an equilateral triangle, The D*Haus Company have now translated the concept into a design philosophy. Daniel Woolfson of The D*Haus Company explains,

‘The dissection of the square into 4 distinct shapes allows it to be rearranged to form the triangle. This concept alone is fascinating, but the possibilities are endless when applying this formula to the world of architecture and design. D*Haus works with this geometric puzzle at a variety of scales to adapt to architecture, furniture, lighting and lifestyle products.’

D*Table is a rotatable, dynamic design that can change shape from a perfect square to a perfect equilateral triangle with 6 different shapes in the stages between the 2 ‘complete’ forms. The table is highly interactive and flexible. Each section is constructed using DuPont Corian hi-tech surface and can be made in any of the 100 colours available for the material”